Her first Real Bone

Mitzy had her first rib bone!!! She ate 1 and a half, but did so good. Her daddy is so proud. She loved every bit of it too!!! She is so spoiled.




Just sharing

I wanted to take the time to fully recommend the breeder that I got Mitzy from. She is located in Ohio and I am in Pennsylvania and not only does she breed affordable, healthy, and lovable pups but the shipping was also affordable and handled by someone who truly cared about the pup! They do a number of different breeds, Maltese, yorkies, mixes and other small and large fills Breds. They are amazing with updating you and keeping you informed of the good an bad of the puppy while in their care. Even updates of puppies sibling problems if any at all after as well!

If you are looking for a new pup I fully recommend this website:


Thanks for reading!!
More updates with Mitzy soon!

She loves her belly rubbed!!